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Your AI-Enabled Brand Management Tool-Kit

It's no secret that ChatGPT and custom GPTs can go a long way for many marketing tasks when trained on your data and integrated effectively into workflows. Automating and analyzing your work this way is becoming more accessible than ever. If you are more of an out of the box solution type enterprise, here's a list of tools that are well-suited for small to mid-sized businesses, focusing on affordability and effectiveness:

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AI-Powered Chatbots for Customer Inquiries:

  • Social Intents: Build ChatGPT-powered chatbots trained on your website data and handoff chats to human agents.

  • Freshchat: Offers a free version suitable for small businesses. 

AI Tools for Social Media Monitoring:

  • Buffer Reply: Affordable for small businesses, focusing on customer engagement on social media.

  • Mention: Provides social listening tools on a budget.

  • MonkeyLearn: Sentiment analysis modeling. 

Customer Preference Analytics:

  • Qualtrics: While more comprehensive, they offer scalable solutions for smaller businesses.

  • Typeform: Ideal for creating engaging surveys to gather customer preferences.

Marketing Automation and Content Generation Combined with Human Oversight:

  • Mailchimp: Known for email marketing, but also offers automation tools. 

  • Canva: While primarily a design tool, it helps maintain brand consistency across marketing materials.

  • Braze: Create cross-channel campaigns and dynamic audiences easily in minutes (or less) and deploy personalized customer journeys

  • AI Writing Assistant: generate copy for emails, blogs, CTAs, web content, social media posts, ads, video scripts, product descriptions, and even job descriptions. It also provides an SEO score with suggestions for improvement.

CRM Systems:

Streamline customer interactions, collect more customer data, and provide valuable insights for targeted marketing strategies.

Project Management and Team Collaboration:

  • Asana: Offers a free basic tier for team organization.

  • Slack: Has a free version suitable for small teams.

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