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Our Story

At iKadre, we embrace the essence of a cadre: a select group of experts, meticulously trained and uniquely skilled, united for a singular purpose. We embody this principle in the digital age, shaping teams adept at navigating the complexities of mergers, acquisitions, and strategic business initiatives. 'iKadre' combines our focus on innovation ('i') with our dedication to a foundational team of specialists ('Kadre'), ensuring tailored support for your strategic goals.

Meet Our Founder

I'm Natalie Roberts, a passionate woman business owner, widow, and believer that the limits we face are usually self-imposed.

For three decades I've worked as a Global M&A Executive and Strategy Leader in mergers and acquisitions, talent acquisition, and business consulting at places like E&Y (20+ Years), HP (eight years) & Pearson. Now, I bring this experience to every transformation for my clients.

More than an executive who will partner with you to get a deal done, I am passionate about helping women business owners navigate the complicated process of business transitions. Serious. Honest. Kind but straightforward. My work is transformational.

Our Team

Jen Harris


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Jeroen Leeuw


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Sheryl Bates


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Jacob Fedosky

Director - M&A

I’m Jacob Fedosky, entrepreneur and the Director of M&A for iKadre. My experience is in helping global organizations with merger integration, restructuring, and technology improvement. Most recently, I helped lead a corporate development for a $650 million fund focused on lower middle market software buyouts.


Prior to that, I was the lead M&A integrationsfor a global private equity firm. I have a passion for helping companies develop and execute M&A strategies, particularly for women business owners who are new to the M&A world. I also love helping our sell-side clients look at their business through the lens of a buyer. I am the founder of USGP, a firm that invests in and acquires small businesses.


Lindsey Robertson

Director - Operations & Data Strategy

I'm Lindsey Robertson, the Director of Operations & Data Strategy at iKadre. I use my data science skills and strategic management expertise to develop and implement data architectures,automate data-centric processes, and apply advanced analytics. My goal? To ensure our organization runs efficiently, stays competitive, and delivers value and success to our clients.


Before joining iKadre, I ran my own consultancy, using data to fuel business growth. I gained valuable leadership experience and business acumen as a profit center leader, where I boosted profits 500%. My strategic planning skills were refined during my tenure as an Emergency Management Program Manager, where I led a municipal Continuity of Operations Program.

Melissa Day

Director - Marketing 

I’m Melissa Day, entrepreneur and Director of Marketing for iKadre. I firmly believe that we can do anything we set out to do. The possibilities are endless; if we get outof our way, we can accomplish great things. My expertise spans design and brand management, with a background in successful campaign execution through various marketing channels, including email marketing, social media, and print.


Before joining iKadre, my partner and I owned and operated a small and successful restaurant in the Texas Hill Country; this experience provided me with firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by business owners and the need for a strategic plan to enter and exit as an entrepreneur. 

Our Approach

At iKadre, we believe that it takes a team to help when a business is ready to transition to the next chapter. That's why, whether it's for an exit, an expansion or an integration, we partner with you to ensure that you never feel alone -- and that the deal is done right.

With over two decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions, our team knows what it takes to negotiate the best deal for you and your business. Our vast network of trusted partners -- attorneys, financial advisors, wealth planners and others - bring the team approach to you.

With iKadre, you are supported throughout the sometimes confusing process of transitioning a business. And you can trust that we have your back. Afterall, you've worked hard and now it is time for the next chapter.

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