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Unlock Happiness Through Business Ownership and Master the Art of Integration

Increase Your Happiness, Own a Business

In a recent Forbes article, it was revealed that entrepreneurs rank happier among employees and other non-business-owning peers. It has also been said that female entrepreneurs reported the highest level of satisfaction. While it is important to acknowledge the stress that coincides with building a company, it may be a small price to pay for the improved lifestyle benefits many entrepreneurs report. Factors that business owners reportedly ranked higher are greater ownership of one’s time and schedule, flexibility, deeper feelings of happiness, and overall satisfaction.

iKadre exists to help optimize your business so you can fill your days your way. As an added bonus, you may even increase your happiness along the way.

The Key to a Successful Acquisition: Integration

The culmination of an acquisition marks the beginning of a complex journey. Beyond the inked deal lies the intricate process of integrating two businesses, a phase crucial to the triumph of the acquisition. The combined companies are primed for enhanced growth and fortified market standing by planning proactively and fostering cooperation through integration.

Natalie Roberts, our CEO, has thoughts on how to position your business for post-acquisition integration.

Recommended Reads for Entrepreneurship and M&A Success

In the world of M&A, education is everything. As industry leaders, we constantly seek new ways to share insights and information with colleagues, potential clients, and business owners. Here are three books we recommend you add to your TBR.

Celebrating Women, Every Single Day

Our company was founded on the belief that women can do absolutely anything. We love celebrating your accomplishments, and we also make it a priority to celebrate one another at iKadre.

We are so excited and proud to share that Lindsey Robertson, our Director – Operations and Data Strategy, was recently chosen as the 2023-2024 Leadership Fellow for the Data Science Track at Women Who Code (WWCode).

The Leadership Fellows help WWCode to grow its membership, develop programs, and lead online events. In this role, she will manage a team of volunteers, including finding, onboarding, and mentoring them, and support WWCode’s global programs.

Congratulations, Lindsey!

Schedule your introduction call with us to see how to exit differently.

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